Episode 49.


Hs open door. Green grass spreads before them, on which some trees and house. Hs reachs house and place from the different sides. KST (Plate with cookies into hands) looks inwards and sees Us. QT also looks inwards and sees SP and
JF (Jodie Foster in evening dress or two-piece dress (light), patent-leather shoes with high-heeled (also light), plait till shoulders, with belt on a mouth, as at SP, and with luminous nimbus over a head, the hands are connected in front by circuits, she is God and she is pregnant)
adhered to a pole. JF turns and sees SP (Camera flies into reflection eyes of SP in eyes of JF, further, further, 3-4 times).


Time B.C. (Not color). SP and JF in ragged dress sits. Around many horsemans on horses.


SP closes her mouth by hand and applies finger to self mouth. Cop car approaches to house.

U1: Say for he, in order he waited in car.

U3 runs out house, but V (Plump man in police uniform) already exits through right door. He makes step on grass and grass begins to transform in sand.

Arrangement and movement of cameras
The desert (Small wind). House, grass and trees have hided. Heel of JF leaves into sand. QT and KST (Near JF and SP) sit on sand. Us stand. V stands near JF. KST stands up, looks into plate, it's empty and she throws out it. JF turns to SP and kisses through two belt. KST laies head on right shoulder of SP and looks on this long kiss. SP shoots into circuits. SP extracts hanky with embroidery "AMORS" and gives for JF, she smiles. V stands up and wants to beat JF into stomach, but JF undresses belt by left hand, catchs hand of V and breaks for back. V falls by face in sand.

JF: Don't wish wife of near-by! (One of ten commandments)
QT: How I could not guess earlier? Only the woman could create world, where the woman can anything not make, thus her anybody will not condemn, even if she will not give birth, and to men it is not given. But they should work for the women, to be at war from them and from behind them.

JF lifts hands to sky.

JF: God! Help those people!

JF looks round.

JF: Excuse me!

JF lowers hands, guilty waves hands below and takes out pocket beer.

KST: So are You monotheistic?
JF: We am polytheistic!
QT: And where others? Have died?
JF: Jerry Lewis!

JF laughts (By self incomparable bass) and again shoots into V. U2 shoots into JF, bullet flies during JF and hits into stomach of SP, SP flies off behind and falling on sand. V creeps in behind car.

JF: Don't kill!

JF turns to U2 and suddenly big lightning hits into bosom of U2, U2 flies off behind and falling on sand.

QT to V (severely): Scramble out
V (placidly): How pleasantly - unbelievably. Sit for hours and need not eat, urinate.
Long silence.
JF (thoughtfully): I at that time was pregnant.
JF laughts. Other smiles.
JF: I was necessary ultrasound (ultrasonic examination) and urinary bladder must be full for it. I has drunk very much and still has accepted diuretic. I went in hospital, but doctor, naturally, was busy. I sat, sat and has felt if I stand up, then I visitted hospital in vain. Here doctor has appeared. I said that already cannot. She has permited to pour off little. How can little pour, I understood never. In short, I has billowed over all. (lively) Whole floor, tights, skirt, handbag.
JF laughts. Other are embarrassed.
JF (calmly): I so far don't know I have boy and girl?
Voice of V: I was bashful in childhood. When I went into lavatory I imagined that everybody sees how I made it. Therefore later I has become to go not into lavatory, and into bathroom. I closed as if I wash hands and urinated into bath. We had many cockroachs, they crawled into bath and I forced down they by stream. I imagined that I'm the most cool sniper in whole world.

JF disappeares from behind horizon.
Arrangement and movement of cameras
KST: We had not cockroachs, we had generally nobody. Flat was cold. But that especially irritated me, it's our dirty cold lavatory pan. Before than to begin, I ignited a paper and threw into lavatory pan, in order to make warm, as it.
QT: I lived in youth in student hostel. I lived alone in the room and was fan of TV serial (series). It was in 7PM, 8PM, 9PM and so every hour. Sometime I did not to take a pee some hours. But I was clever and gifted student, therefore I procured for self small glass. In the evenings in time of advertisement I urinated in glass and poured out into window. Glass was small and therefore 4-5 glasses resulted... Again this word!

V runs out. QT falls on sand and shoots under car into leg of U2, U2 falls and QT shoots into head. Us hide behind car. Hs shoot and go around. SP already behind car. Gust of wind.

KST: I don't see!

Further all actions shoot by one camera. SP (F.N10* C4) stands up in left (M.O0* C4). Camera at 90* KST stands and rubes one's eyes, angel (F.N0* C4-C5-C4) hovers behind (Over left shoulder). SP shoots into angel, bullet (G.of whole fly of bullet S-O5* C4-C5) flies through hair of KST (Camera moves parallel bullet, but at angle in 30* behind), hits into angel, angel falls backwards. Later Hs turn and goes for V

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