Episode 47.

Title: The story how to get in another world.
Title: Starring We.


SP and QT stand on laps (SP without belt and mouth on a place, QT to the right of him, both into police uniform), pistols put into mouth of both (EJB - QT, EKR - SP). Around yet Em and ELR (With UZI). Suddenly SP pulls out a pistol at EKR and beats, that flies away. In this moment QT rejects head, but EJB has time to shoot and gets in a mouth of SP, the mouth scatters. QT interceptes the pistol and shoots in throat of EJB. SP turns a somersault, enoughs ELR and shoots to him sideways at eyes, which scatters not worse, than mouth of SP, then shoots in back of EKR, the jet of blood pulls out from groin. Suddenly SP sees that huge container flies on everybody from above, he beats on legs of QT, QT falls and container covers them.


In too moment they fall through a ceiling in one of halls on a floor.

Voice of QT: Right here we have not understood, that already in another world, that is in this.

SP and QT quickly jump up from a floor, seiz pistols and direct on Es. Es with broken necks hardly rise and begin to click submachine guns, but those don't shoot.

Voice of QT: Right here we have not understood, that difficult mechanisms don't work here.

SP and QT swing pistols, but QT nevertheless solves to shoot. Em lifts UZI on QT, but QT and SP quickly aim in EJB and EKR, later in EM and shoot in head of Em, he falls.

Voice of QT: Right here we have not understood, that anybody haven't killed.

SP and QT enter in one of tunnels, suddenly hear rustle in opposite side and lift pistols, so in a hall is possible to see only two hands with pistols, which juts out from darkness of pass, but when angels flies off from opposite tunnel and begin to lift Es, the hands with pistols are lowered.

Voice of QT: Only right here we have understood, that something not so.

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