Episode 46.

Voice of QT: Want to know how he has becomed terrorist?

O (Only young) stands and looks in the distance. Studio there.

Voice of QT: He was beginner screenwriter and his first script was stolen, but it's not very important. More insult was in role, which he has written for himself, producer had invite the most unloved actor.

O extracts grenade cup discharge and aims into studio

Voice of QT: He simply had shot out grenade cup discharge into studio, where shooting was. 24 men were there. 20 has died on place.
Voice of P: Others?
Voice of QT: 4 were in mine or sewerage. The searches continued two month, but without results.
Voice of P: Whence You know? He was not catch even one time.
Voice of QT: It's his father.

QT shows on SP. SP slips.

Voice of QT: And though he understands, that the father is terrorist, he will hate and maybe kill that cop or not cop, whom will send his father here.

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