Episode 45.

Title: The story how to get in another world.
Title: Starring I.


P rises on a ladder.

Voice of P: Already some years I searched this terrorist.

P opens door of apartment, daughter stands before his, arrested by legs to a floor, and behind O. O departes in the side, huge wave of a fire approaches. P runs for daughter and covers her by self. The wave sweeps away them, tearing off daughter of a foot.

Voice of P: I never shall turn to a fire by back.


P with daughter fly in any hall through a wall. Battle with angels goes into hall. P in confusion. Angel flies to him and suddenly someone hafting angel on spear. P turns and sees M17 (15-16 years), whom enoughs them for a hand and pushs to pass.

M17: Run out!

P with few people departes in tunnel. At this time angel arrow hits in a shoulder to M17. He falls, extracts two grenades, pulls out each check, puts to self in one's bosom and loses consciousness. Few angels flies up and lifts him. Explosion.

Voice of P: He was small mirror.

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