Episode 44.

Title: The story how to get in another world.
Title: Starring I.


Van stands into court.

Voice of T: I was busy transportation of money, it was not inkassation, we with wife worked inside of private firm and transported money without problems, because anybody did not know of our existence.
T-wife: Today is hot. I shall be on roof.
T: OK!
Voice of T: I always answered she so.

T-wife undresses and climbes on roof of van and van already tears at full speed through highway. T sits at a rudder of a van and whistles something. There are on a highway not so enough cars. Suddenly towards to a van there is cop car catching up the dark-blue (Though can and other color) automobile. The automobile tries to overtake any machine, but notices ahead van.

T: Mother mine is Virginia!

He nestles on the machine, but still touches van, which turns in the air, falls on roof and blazes up. T-wife flies out roof.


Waiting room. Mirror wall opens and naked T-wife runs into room mechanically, she runs through room and cuts into wall and falls.


Money falls from body of van, some denominations already into fire. Passing cars stop, people are runs out those cars and begin to collect money, even half-charred. Cops from a just now occurring pursuit joins to assembling people.

T: Help! Help me! Taking out here me!

T tries something to make, but cannot stir.

T: Someone!

M16 (Man, whom already takes money and hears vote of T) approaches to him.

T: Open door, I cannot.

M16 tries to open door by one hand, other holds money, the door does not yield, at him a pair of packs drop out.

T: Attempt by two.

But M16 escapes. T reachs up to falling packs and takes into hands.

Voice of T: I didn't blame and now I don't blame these people, I have probably acted also on their place. I think only about one, that my wife was dead.

One of cops approaches to T.

Cop: Thank, brother.

People run off a van and it blows up, worth by beside cop car turns.


Mirror wall opens, T rolles in reception, dexterously rises on legs. He already metts a few angels and AR. T lifts hands with money and throws (Money, but not hands) ahead. Angels and AR rush on floor and begin to collect money. Suddenly passage in cliff opens, N runs out it and few angels fly for N. N runs through waiting room, but arrow hits into back of N, N falls on wall and slides down, submachine gun falls out hands. T runs between angels and jumps in hole in rock.

Voice of P: The good cop is dead cop, though if honourly, then happen and worse.
Voice of QT: Hint, that You a class cop?
Voice of P: It would be necessary. Did you kill cops?
Voice of QT: Ha! We even don't aim into cops. Into cops, but not people into cop uniform.
Voice of T: I till now don't find wife.

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