Episode 43.

Title: The story how to get in another world.
Title: Starring I.


A submarine floats.

Voice of KST: I was the agent of one of special services (can omit the name).

Us (Few cool men in the civilian) into one of orlop-decks of a submarine, they care with any devices.

Voice of KST: Together with other special service (can omit the name) we should make the action (can omit the name) on a submarine (can omit the name), but as always these political games have resulted in that all we have appeared hostages of it and should work under the decree by that special service, name of which we have omitted. And their agents have appeared inside for form's sake. And we float in the middle of ocean (can omit the name). To cause anybody is impossible, to shoot is impossible, to emerge is impossible, to lie on bottom is impossible, there isn't Sandra Bullock (can omit the name).

KST sleeps into orlop-deck. U1 approaches and shakes KST for shoulder. She are drunk, stands up, knocks by head into ceiling, sees chewing gum stuck to pillow.

KST: Mamma mine is England.

KST puts into mouth fingers, later looks on shoulders. Stain is on left shoulder behind. KST leaves from orlop-deck and on compartments goes into captain's cabin and gnaws agnails (fingers), where changes a rate. U1 enters into cabin. KST beats with turn by leg into face of U1, he falls. U2 enters, KST as if takes out one's bosom revolver, but it no. She grips again, but no. U2 beats, she turns. U2 grips KST behind and tries to squeeze. KST lifts legs and grips neck of U2 by legs, then sharply lifts this legs upwards, they (Not only legs, naturalally, but KST and U2) turn in air and U2 falls by back on a floor and KST from above sits. Yet two run into cabin, KST extracts revolver and shoots, they fall. U2 beats KST by a leg in stomach, KST flies from U2 and the revolver drops out of her hands. The fight proceeds. Submachine gun with a fastened bayonet-knife on a table, but without firearm (Shop for bullets) and some firearms beside. U2 enoughs the submachine gun, but KST beats by leg in table and firearms scatters on a floor. Then U2 forces down her from legs and tries to pierce by a bayonet-knife. By catching a moment, when U2 blunders by bayonet in a floor somewhere opposite to her belt, KST by fast movement of a hand unfastens a bayonet, turns it by bayonet upwards and forces down U2 from legs. He falls on bayonet and KST lifts legs and dumps on U2 from above, end of bayonet occures from his back.


The submarine takes off on a beach and blows up. Swimmers on inflatable mattresses scatter in different sides. Glasses take off in neighbouring houses.

Voice of KST: Nobody did wait us, as thought, that we shall get in underwater world, but we have spoiled by him all plans and, to the point, not only plans, but also reception.


Mirror wall opens and collapses submarine flies in reception (Waiting room, only the table stands not at a wall, in middle of a room). AR stands from behind table and with horror looks as it on him approaches. By flying completely, it collapses finally. Huge quantity of seemen, Us, naked people. Mess. On a place, where now the box of Pandora, small hole shines. KST enoughs the revolver, but two angels lifts she for a shoulders, she beats simultaneously both in faces, falls on a floor and jumps in a hole. Suddenly passage in cliff opens, N runs out it and few angels fly for N. N runs through waiting room, but arrow hits into back of N, N falls on wall and slides down, submachine gun falls out hands.

Voice of KST: What there was further, I don't know.
Voice of T: And further they have begun to allocate clumsies, and believe me, I know how.

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