Episode 42.

Huge hall. Hs appear and sit down.

P: Strangly, You already are corpse and all the same affraid.
KST: The affraidest only to fall asleep.
T: For what to shoot, if nothing good.
P: Did You not observe that always shoot men in head and women in legs.

KST on plank bed, SP on opposite side, fingers of hands of SP between fingers of legs of KST.

T: He though had with self the pencel and paper or has learnt language of deaf-and-dumb.

SP exposes ahead hand (M.with arm but without hand NW0*). Laugh.

T: Jerry Lewis.
KST: And I love him.
T: How is possible? You such elegant. With the claim on originality, this badge and bandages.

Everybody go out, group, somebody inputs TV set. In "News" speaks, that again air liner hides into Bermood triangle and shows air liner, which QT shakes down.

KST: And this air liner, probably, has carried whole reception, you see, for it did not wait.
T: Why You so think?
KST: At one time they did not wait and me.

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