Episode 41.

Waiting room. AR here. KST, QT enter. Mirror wall opens and Zs (Four men with gun, whom think that cool) fall into waiting room.

Z1: Cool, cool. O! Here and women!

Z1 looks on KST.

Z1: I think here not bad. Yes?

Z1 turns to AR, Z2 approaches to left door.

AR: Generally, no!

Z2 opens door, shot and Z2 falls on floor. Others Zs aim gun on door, SP appears into room. AR, QT and KST extract pistols and aim into Zs. SP stands and looks on all it. He makes situation as if pistol falls from hands, but Zs don't react. SP turns (By right side to everybody, by left side to mirror wall), undresses belt and puts pistol into mouth. Shot (Or shots). SP turns, Zs on floor. KST moves aside box, but there no hole.

QT: Where?
AR: What?

QT extracts grenade cup discharge, aims into mirror wall and shoots. Mirror wall opens, there air liner hughly in air, grenade flies into air liner. Explosion. Air liner begins to fall into waiting room. QT beats by leg on box.

Scream from box: A-a-a!!!
QT: It's Luck beginning by "F".

Suddenly passage in cliff opens, N runs out it and few angels fly for N. N runs through waiting room, but arrow hits into back of N, N falls on wall and slides down, submachine gun falls out hands. Hs run to this hole and jump.

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