Episode 40.

Endless meadow. Even behind, where just now there was the door, through which they have come is too endless meadow. Hs and R6 goes on it.

KST: Where we have got?
RP: In paradise.

Title: RP-actor

RP (Priest in cassock and with big golden cross on bosom) sits near arid (Dry) tree. Alongside "Hellish nonalcoholic vodka". M13 (8-10 years) sits on other tree on background and looks in right.

KST: And where it?
RP: Everywhere.
KST: And the exit is?
RP: Naturally, no. What for to leave from paradise?
KST: Boringly here.
RP: To sleep is never not boringly.
KST: Where people?
RP: What people? Whence people in paradise?
KST: From there.

KST shows by finger upwards.

RP: From purgatory?

RP shows by finger downwards.

RP: In paradise can appear only people, whom purifed and changed.
KST: And what?
RP: Nobody. Not one man changed or purifed in whole history of humanity.
KST: And You?
RP laughts.
RP: And you are not very experienced. I'm bribe-taker. Only bribe-takers can be in paradise, what for such good place will be empty? But here really is boringly, as and everywhere, if haven't interesting interlocutor. It is created for enjoyment. See, no wind, no rain, no wearisome sun, no earthquakes, no-thing. All conditions for normal existence.
QT: In that and affair, that existence, and not life. Hell is whole country, not looking on the fact, that by him sometimes is necessary to throw the businesses and for a long time.
RP: They tell to you already such fairy tales, and about freedom also, yes? Everybody sinners go into hell for correction.
KST: Were we in hell?
RP: Have You wind into head?
QT: There what, correctional colony?
KST: As at Dante (As Dante has written)?
RP: Has Dante written about correctional colony?
KST: I'm speaking about correction, but not about colony.
RP: Did You read Dante?
KST: Table of contents.
RP: Yes! All as at Dante!
KST: Did You read Dante?
RP: No! I read books, clever books, and not Dante Aligiery.

RP turns book and shows the name of book. It's "Capital" of Karl Marx. KST puts hand on book.

KST: In grief and in joy, in madness and in full health, henceforth and for all time.
RP: Have you asked at them: who builds their country? Supports in it cleanliness.
QT: Self.
RP: I am glad, that has forgot to laugh, and our conversation should be postponed. Who self? They only govern. You, personally, if have got there, become something to clean, to unload heavy boxes, if there is the opportunity to learn, to marry, to open the business about which there and did not dream.
QT: And who then by him builds all? Slaves?
RP: Yes.
QT: And what method go those slaves? Paranormal?
RP: I think, that through the rivers.

RP things.

Voice of M13: Give to risk by life!

M13 also looks in right.

Voice of M13: Will risk?
RP: There go those, who has died by self death and at the last river they drink water of oblivion and overlook all, only the habits remain. It's ideal slaveproduction. But when this world formed, its founders and could not imagine, that the people will begin to die and for other reasons, it was necessary on a speed hand to build something like reception. And as everything was made quickly, there are the abnormal phenomena, when the people do not get in reception. And those such oblivers and build their world. No science, no law.

RP lifts hands to the sky.

RP: Here real freedom, here each itself, world without money.
QT: And without honey.

KST takes SP under hand.

KST: Here church is?
RP: You what? Here everybody are atheists.

Three boys approache to R6 and Hs and aim toy-pistol on them. M14 (Also boy) stands further (100-120 meters) on background.

QT: Even don't think.

QT aims pistol into them. M15 (12-14 years) shoots and SP shoots. Bullet flies through three boys. They fall one for other and in 1 second M14 throws up hands and falls.

RP: Oh! Small robbers.

R6 gulps air. M15 also. KST approaches to M15 and shoots into him.

RP: Big mirrors.
KST: What?
RP: I speak those small robbers are big mirrors. All people are mirrors. Ones small. You for me are bad and I for You am bad. You love me and I love You. And big mirror. You for me are bad and You are member of society, whole society is bad. Mirror is different: middle.
KST: Distorting?
RP: Yes, distorting.
KST: But there are virtues, people, whom endure all.
RP: Only will not call names, if don't want in order I shall mar Yours opinion about them, also I can speak and about cleanness and change of man.
KST: If the contrary, quite soullesses.
RP: Here, there?
KST: All the same.
RP: You, generally, except how to eat, do something?

QT and SP turn, as if this talking not for they.

KST: Yes, I don't kill peolple.
RP: I also don't kill people. Do You know something about suicides.
KST: What? Will it help?
RP: Self-murderers and are people without soul, they already from birth haven't soul.
KST: But I simply thought everybody self-murderers into hell.
RP: No! Its body dies, but there isn't soul and they go nowhere. Any other as not will endeavour, will not made it, if he isn't born for it.
QT: Well! Can self-murderers die self death?
RP: You think they dies Yours? Also and things. Things, which made without soul don't go into here.
KST: Right?
RP: Do You see Hollywood pictures or narcotics (Drugs) here?

Hs disappear and see in front man, whom draws huge art landscape. Man turns, it's pink.

Pink: O!

Shot. Pink falls on art landscape and tears it, it's facing as into hell. Hs go through facing and appear into paradisiacal garden. They go to door and disappear.

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