Episode 39.


Near police station. SP looks into the distance (C.N0* C.SO0*), KST and QT approache to SP and stand with two sides. They look now into the distance, now on each other and on SP (C.O-W0*). Suddenly helicopter flies (Police station and background draw on huge paper and helicopter flies through this paper). Sharp sound. Helicopter shoots. Bus bursts and falls on left side on R8. Everybody fall and grip for ears. Hs dress warm head-phones (G.S-N45*), extract grenade cup discharges in the turning at 180* and shoot. But grenades flies through helicopter and helicopter flies further in city. SP turns and once more shoots into helicopter. Everybody sit into other bus.


Bus starts and helicopter again appears. It shoots into bus. Everybody hangs on one side of bus, helicopter flies parallel and shoots into other side of bus.

QT: You spoke about immigrants.
L: Yes.
QT: Means there is the pass?
L: Yes.
QT: Can go through it?
L: No.
QT: Why?
L: Now it nails up.
QT: Why?
L: Hundreds immigrants force an this door.
QT: Why?


QT: And what with wife?
L: Hundreds immigrants force an this door. It's close now. Though for you it's not hindrance, I think. Behind door country open, about which everybody dream in world. Apropos, now massmedia is very strong and people already know where want.
QT: And what with wife?
L: In short, I had know, that at reincarnation prints of fingers and handwriting remain constant.
QT: Wow!
L: Why?

Bus breaks into house, helicopter flies further. Everybody run on city for L.

L: I understand, why they want you. You have shooted through iron curtain.
QT: We think that were real. Also
L: Yet a pair of days and I will be as negro.
KST: Why?
L: Sun.


They run to door into big wall, open door, KST enters first (Second part of music, which can compel to weep audience).

QT: Where go who died in hell? What I ask?
L: In purgatory.
QT: Where?
L: Born.

QT hides for door and at once bullet hits into head of L and he falls. SP and D turn. It's W.


Room in maternity hospital (House). Few doctors and woman (Can show only legs, which in different sides) on table. She gives birth.


W and SP aim into each other, D goes into door. L takes SP for jeans.

L: Yours wife

W shoots, bullet flies near SP and hits into D. D falls on L.

W: Ha-ha-ha! Vae soli? I killed You two times, Yours family, I killed my son, because he is Yours friend. Yours daugther is beautiful. Did You sleep with she already? Naturally

Suddenly helicopter flies out corner of house. W looks back. QT lifts grenade cup discharge by leg, catchs and shoots.

QT: Happy birhtday, father!

Helicopter flies through W, grenade hits to W. Explosion.


Room in maternity hospital. One of doctor takes baby on hands and suddenly sharp sound of helicopter begins of approach. Doctor looks into between legs of woman and sees helicopter flies outside. Doctor runs to door and at once helicopter appears between legs of woman. It destroes room by blades and falls on right side.

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