Episode 38.

Police station. KST already not alone. L, QT, SP and few cops enter.

KST: Hi! How I'm glad. What interest?
QT: Want to look something?

SP extracts photo.

QT: It's
KST: Yes! It's my family! Whence you know?

SP and QT looks on each other.

KST: I, my mother, father and workmate and better friend of father.
Title: Terry Lester

W (Terry Lester, redhead in light costume (trousers and jacket))
enters into police station.

KST: It's he!

SP runs to wall, extracts pistols from wall and throws one for QT, but QT doesn't catch, pistol falls on floor.

QT: Father?

W stoops and runs out station. SP shoots in W, but hit to door.

KST: You what?

SP lifts pistol and runs out. QT also runs to wall, extracts pistol out wall and runs out. KST also runs to wall, extracts wall, but more pistols no. She runs to one of table and jumps over table, catchs in the air two revolvers, which were on the table, beats table by heel and table flies into cop, whom runs for KST. KST shoots in cops and runs out station. Rs (Here: D & R6 & R8) also run out station.

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