Episode 37.


Restaurant (Here also 90%visitors are negros). L orders something for everybody.

QT: But how You think up to it?
L: Possibly I'm clever.

L looks back. Three cops go through restaurant to each table and show photos. Wind begins on street.

QT: And modest. My friend also is modest, very modest, but he never will not say about it.
L: Modesty beautifies intellect. If rightly, I married on my wife.

M10 approaches to table of L, SP and QT, he becomes behind Hs and shows photos for L.

M10: Saw these people.
L: No.

M10 turns photos to Hs. QT sees on a photo self.

QT: No.

SP also sees on a photo self and negatively waves by head.

M10: Need answer by words.

M10 enoughs SP for the neck and turns by face to self. SP stands up and aims out pistol into cop. M10 goes in side and shoots into showcase. Glass breaks.


Gust of wind is tighten SP on street. SP falls on way and fast grips for ring. Twister scutches SP. Suddenly M11 (Pretty girl) flies to SP. SP turns, stands leg into ring and grips girl for hands. Girl smiles. SP opens hands and M11 flies further. But suddenly wind ends and M11 falls on way. She stands up and extracts pistol, but SP doesn't stand up and at once extracts pistol and shoots. Again wind begins and M11 flies out. Two police cars approache. Cops beat SP at one car by head and sit his into other, there already QT.

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