Episode 36.

Again small room of L. SP and QT runs into.

QT: We are ready.
L: A hand.

QT shy submits a hand, L begins to make the business.

L: An anything terrible. Simply I have opened an agency, where the people leave any information for self and for other. Cleanly. Following.

L passes to removal of data with SP, which attentive as never.

L: The letters, photos, files and even parcels, confirming prints of fingers and signature.
QT: And police?
L: What the police, I don't admit her to self, it's private business.
QT: You are not afraid, that in some times will not return here?
L: How?

L laughts. He extracts letter and photo with two men, woman and girl.

L: You have something.
QT: O-o-o!!! Whom I see!
L: Yours wife and daughter?
QT: Yes. And my father. I hate my father, he is sale pig. If You were workmate of my father, I more than assured he accompanied You in last way.

L takes out hanky with embroidery "AMORS".

L: It wait You already few thousand years. But I don't know anything.

QT laughts and goes to drink to jug (pitcher) with juice. L shows SP other photo.

QT: O! Enemies is coolly! Always such boringly here.
L: Only not when he is here. Will city be in order?
QT: Why?
L: Because I know who you are.
QT: Whence You know?
L: You don't know rules. You have the weapon. But we are not immigrants.
QT: Immigrants?
QT to SP: It's what, Africa? Joke of humour.
L: Go, drink yet. And yet: the most terrible is twister, see rings on way, if that, then hold on it. For initiative and enterprising people this country is perfect bliss.

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