Episode 33.

A small room with a table, for which there is the computer, near walls some armchairs and sofa cost.

L: Make oneself comfortable.

SP and QT sits down in a corner. M9 enters from a street and shy approaches to a table.

M9: Me have told to address here.
L: Now arrived?
M9: Yes.
L: Give a hand.

L removes at this person prints of fingers and then enters into computer.

L: Cleanly.
M9: Excuse me.

M9 shy turns and leaves.

L: What, the young people, shall now understand with you. Give. Approach.

SP and QT more shy than M9 approache to L.

L: Hand.
QT: What for?

L with bewilderment looks on QT.

QT: We yet shall enter later.

They move back to an exit and run out.

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