Episode 32.

Bar (No, it's not that bar, it's simple city bar). QT and SP enter and sit down for table. Negro-waiter approaches to SP and QT.

QT: Coffee.

Negro-waiter leaves.

Title: L-actor

L (Half-drunk overgrown man)
sits for table to SP and QT.

L: I have now holiday, I served three times. I shall put. Drink with me. The first days always is difficult, but it is my house and in week I shall enter norm.

L laughts and shows by finger into negro.

L: I see you are men isn't a miss, have also now returned?
QT: Yes!
L: When?
QT: Today. Maybe You will help us, and we did not see freedom I don't know how many.
L: Freedom. Precisely. The most correct word. Each time, coming back, I repeat this word. And to help is a my profession. I see you already know rules.

SP and QT turn and look against each other.

QT: We know.

Bring the drink, they drink.

L: Have gone.

L, SP and QT go out bar into street. Rain.

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