Episode 31.

Tunnel ends and railway car appears on street of city. Bright sun. Rs dance, vociferate, ones kiss earth, one shoots upwards.

D: Who shot? Hide guns.
QT: We shall drive away car, later need know city, find eat, dress und andere ("and others" on German language).
R5: About what think you?
D: About You, honey, but it is not compliment.
R5: But I want to cry from happiness.
D: Will cry into police. Shorter, there are two ways: bad and yet one. Bad: we make everyone together, together us and will row, by accepting for a gang, and as we cannot prove anything, as we are considered dead, then us will be actually reached to become a gang. Second: go away on one-two person, beforehand by appoitmenting.
R5: In month in New York, in Paris.
QT: In Africa.

(90% passing on street is negros) R5 (Small smart woman) makes astonished face.

D: I think somewhere in this city in a pair of days, if suddenly anybody will have problems.

KST approaches to SP and QT.

KST: How pitifully, I cannot go with you. Hardly even I shall come on a meeting.

KST smiles.

KST: All so strangly, you could be my friends of a hundreds and thousands years, and now I even cannot tell who I, how my name, give up address, in order we will send a card in Christmas.
QT: But and we don't speak You our address. Joke. We shall remember always. Maybe, we again shall meet there. Apropos, for memory!

QT takes off pocket three white bullets from angel arrow and gives one for SP and one for KST.

KST: Yeh, I could not give a damn about anything, if not my death, but I shall not be further.
QT: I shall leave you for a pair of minutes.

QT leaves, SP and KST longly look each other into eyes.

KST: You are the most enciting virgin in the world, in both worlds. (Face of SP changes) If would be

SP takes out pocket small mirror and apple with inscription "For the beautifulest", KST takes.

KST: My father once has presented me such in my birthday.

QT approaches.

QT: Go. We now

Suddenly police car appears. Two cops exit out it. R6 (Man into T-shirt with inscription "Do ut des or not to be?") shoots into one cop, cop falls. Yet three police cars appear. Cops open fire (Shoot). Hs and Rs hide behing boxes and barrels. Skirmish (Music, which can compel to weep audience). Rs fall one for one. Only SP and QT don't shoot, they sit from behind fence. Near D, R7 (Man into red T-shirt) and R5. R8 (Young man, 20 years, maybe son of R7) shoots in self heart and falls.

R7: What for?
QT: Only not in head.

R7 runs up to R8 and shoots few times in bosom of R8. Bullet hits into neck of R7 and he flies out behind. Stream of blood. D runs to R7. D aims into heart and shoots, R7 stands motionless. KST with two revolvers runs into left and shoots into cops. R5 also runs into left, but bullet hits into right knee, she falls. Yet one bullet hits into right leg, later into left, into stomach. R5 shoots out two pistols, but bullets hit and hit into she. Bus appears and men in uniform and in gas-mask appear out bus, they begin to shoot by gas. SP and QT run.

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