Episode 30.


Here not so light as in other tunnels, but little can see. SP striks torch (Only will not ask me: whence torch?). It's long-long railway tunnel (As into subway, cables on walls, piles upwards, only without railway cars). SP goes into one side, later into other, stops, stoops. He lifts something. It's small mirror. SP looks and begins to laugh. Acute of a sound frightenes SP, SP stops to laugh and looks into darkness, later puts mirror into pocket, extracts signal pistol and shoots into darkness. Signal illuminates electric train (Subway) and strikes into it. Machinists sees signal, later SP and later wooden railway car. SP turns and sees behind old wooden railway car. Train flies through SP (Floor on level of bosom) and through car. SP sees O, O sits into car and parcel on laps. SP grips parcel out O. O turns and strikes at wooden railway car and flies through some car. SP opens parcel, there desk, SP looks button on desk and pushs. Screen on desk lights and there O grimaces, but isn't speak anything. SP runs to hole and throws desk outside.


R4 looks into hole and suddenly desk flies out. He lifts desk and gives next, next, next, QT takes desk and throws into water hole into other half of this hall.

D: I think there isn't afraid.

All in turn jump into hole.


Hs and D observe wooden railway car.

D: Feet feed wolf, head feed man. Therefore we shall push car, later change. Who has clock?
QT: Only sun.

QT stands finger on palm. All take for car and push.


Hall of rivers. Desk falls into Cocitus. O with others people goes through bridge of Cocitus. He sees desk, jumps into water and lifts it. O begins to ice over and lifts hands with desk upwards. Desk shows "02","01","00" and inscription "As in cinema", hands also ice over and Explosion.


Railway car runs on tunnel into uncertainty.

D: Ave Maria!
All vociferate.
QT: Morituri te salutant!

Searchlight is in front of car, two Rs sit there, two push. Guitar music. After some chords camera shows that SP plays it. KST begins to sing, later everybody (Song may be about way. Into there easy to go, but backwards all will be tired. It may hint, that this way is bacwards or that this way is forwards, but some time need and backwards.). At music they sit, lie, eat, drink. To end of song they see gleam.

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