Episode 29.

Hall, where QT and SP falled (Camera is by bottom in top, i.e. all are by heads downward). Other half of hall rummages. There Rs (10-12 men and women, whom many-coloured dress and with bags or rucksacks), KST and
D (60-70 years)

Title: D-actor

with spades.

QT: Here what, do potatoes plant?
KST: No. It's it.
QT: From where?
D: It was in time of World War II. I was into concentration camp and when they have found out, that I'm engineer on construction of railway, then at once recruited me to this work. Four month we built it and lived inside. Germans planed to build it straightly under Moscow. All was count at millimeter, way is ideal, which can build only Germans, but for some reason Russians built this way.
QT: Whence do You know?
D: Need read books. O!

D turns to SP.

D: I had hear about You very much, but had imagine You not such. Don't ask: worse or better. Clever answer: simple not such.
QT: Why it here?
D: Did You hear about Russian spies? They are everywhere and know all. I more than am fully confident, that and our team has at least three.

Hs look on each other. Camera shows R1 (Dress as Red Army man, only negative), R2 (As American Indian, plumes on the head).

D: Later is deversion (Act of terrorism). Huge explosion and 10000 corpses. But and here not fools. For what those 10000 to carry, they simply carry whole tunnel.
KST: No, I think only two.
D: What?
KST: I about Russians.
QT: Why are You confident, that other end also here.
D: I don't speak that am fully confident, and if You hurry somewhere, go and pilfer aquarium fishs. Think I adventurer. No! My dream is to find huge field with high grass without sun, rain and to lie 100, 200 or even 1000 years. Sometimes to talk with clever man, whom lies near.
R3: Yes! Yes!

Hs approache to hole, D stands on laps and looks inside. Darkness.

D: Who do not fear ghosts?

On screen woman into T-shirt with inscription "O Tempora! O Moores!". SP makes step forwards.

QT: Did You ask us?
KST: How we without You?

SP approaches to hole, stoops and jumps into darkness.

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