Episode 27.


QT sees sky through hole. He jumps out bicycle (G.S10*), but mechanically flies outside and falls on sand (And here terrestrial attraction change at 90*). Bicycle flies upwards and at once fire flies from hole (G.10*--80*), QT creeps into side. Some charred bicycles fall, QT stands up, but big shade appears behind, QT turns, pistol looks into face of QT (Sharpness passes with pistol on SP). It's SP. Two helicopters appear on horizon. SP and QT sit into trucks and leave into hole on sand (F.N-SO30*).


Truck goes through tunnel and helicopters flies into this tunnel. Truck runs through tunnel and for trucks helicopters fly and shoot. Suddenly wall in front. Truck is crush into wall. QT and SP scramble out truck. First helicopter flies through SP and QT, through truck and through wall. SP and QT look on each other, later upwards, there water hole and jump into hole. Second helicopter flies through legs of SP and QT, through truck and tail doesn't fly through wall, it comes off. QT and SP fall out hole into hall on floor. Water hole into this hall on wall.

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