Episode 26.


Hall. Gs (Men in uniform of German soldier of times of World War II) in this hall. Also here many bicycles. Gs take bicycles and go somewhere. QT goes through hall to parking place of bicycles.

QT: Ja. Ja. Naturlich. Besonders gern.

G1 turns to QT (C.N0*), QT also looks on G1 (C.N0*).

QT: Ich habe heute Klassendienst.

G1 turns backwards (C.N-S0*). Impression, that Gs also don't know German language and repeat "Gut", "Schwein" and others.

QT: Die Stunde beginn. Heute fehlt niemand.

QT approaches and takes one bicycle. G2 (Probably watchman of bicycles) gives kettle for QT. Near QT G3 and G4 begin quarrel, G3 extracts submashine gun and shoots into head of G4. Blood of G4 flies into QT.

QT: Nicht ferschtein.

G3 extracts dictionary and opens, child brick falls from dictionary on floor. G3 kicks brick by leg (F.N-5*) and it flies on QT. QT tries to catch brick (M.N-5*), holds it into hand and releases. Brick with thunder falls on ceiling (G.0*--80*).

G3: Achtung feuer, Dummkopf.

QT lifts submashine gun of G4 and shoots into G3. G3 falls. QT jumps on bicycle and keaves, but G5 on bicycle appears from tunnel. QT shoots into G5 and leaves. Gs also jump on bicycles and for QT.


QT rushes through other hall, people jump from way. QT shoots backwards into Gs. Gs fall. One into wall near tunnel, other into tunnel, yet simply falls. In one of hall group of Soviet pioneers go through hall. QT stops, is throw over group the bicycle, takes spring-board near wall, scampes about, jumps and goes further.


QT enters into hall, where many Gs on bicycles. They are not seeing QT, QT slowly goes through hall. Suddenly upwards sound. QT fast in opposite tunnel, grenade appeares from water hole on ceiling. Explosion. Wave of fire goes on tunnel. QT simply flies on bicycle. Fire behind, and forwards gleam.

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