Episode 25.

Car of SP goes on desert. SP observes behind two trucks. He puts the wireless on. Car elapses past table (Big cactus right from table). SP claps woman leg on neighbouring seat and looks trucks forwards. Here he elapses past table and reads inscription "End of world (Edge of earth)" (Or how rightly on American language). SP takes pistol with neighbouring seat, there isn't woman, is leg of X. Car of SP goes near trucks, SP jumps on second and grips for chain. He steal into top of second trucks and goes to cab, stands on cab, aims into bottom, but observes forwards table "End of world", he jumps, flies through table and stands down on cab. But F3 (Driver of second truck) listens thunder and abruptly stops. SP flies forwards mechanically and falls on back on sand and wriths from pain. At once truck stops on hand of SP, SP rummags on sand in the search of pistol, but no. F4 (Driver of first truck) approaches to SP.

F4: Maybe, have You now birthday, by chance?
F3: Hold! Surprise!

F4 gives big part of insulating tape to SP. Fs laugh and tie ropes to hands and legs of SP. Opposite ends of ropes they tie to trucks.

F3: Welcome to hell!

Fs go into trucks and start. SP reachs to belt on mouth, undresses, bespatteres one end to legs, buckles. Trucks begin to depart. SP tie a knot by other end belt on hands. Ropes stretch and break near hands. SP stands up and jumps to end of truck, which already stopped. Self-satisfied F4 goes to look on SP, and twist pistol into hand, but SP pulls out hand of F4 pistol and shoots into F4. F4 falls. F3 sees it, runs into truck and leaves. SP sits into truck of F4 and goes by back on F3. They collide and go so to precipice (G.-10* C1). F3 falls into precipice (C1-C3-C2), but it's not precipice, it's end of world (Sense into that on end of world simply terrestrial attraction change at 90*). Truck of F3 flies upwards and falls downwards (G.-90* C4) and doesn't tighten into sand. SP goes out cab and approaches to truck of F3 (F.N-45* C4). F3 screams (M.45* C3), but SP shrugs one's shoulders and throws grenade into cab of truck, cab hides under sand. SP goes through end of world on truck.

Arrangement and movement of cameras

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