Episode 24.


Abbess with two nuns (All in black) go through hall, suddenly they stop, undress loose overalls, transform in ninja, jump upwards and stand motionless on ceiling. QT runs through hall in other hall. Strange grenade flies for QT. QT approaches to tunnel, stops and turns. Grenade flies on QT, but QT stoops and grenade flies into tunnel. QT looks into darkness and understands that grenade flies backwards. QT stands to wall. Grenade on QT, he stoops, but grenade turns. QT runs into tunnel.


Later he runs out tunnels into strange hall (M.N-S0*). Straight hall with pillars as trees into woods. QT runs between pillars and grenade flies for QT (F.S). QT approaches to precipice (also straight), jumps and hangs (G.75*). But grenade flies into precipice, turns into bottom and backwards upwards (G.-75*). QT scrambles out and again runs between pillars. Suddenly in wall small hole. QT stands by back to hole (M.N0*). Grenade flies (F.N0*), QT stoops (M.N0*) and grenade leaves into hole (G.W-10*), where to turn: impossible.

Hosted by uCoz