Episode 22.

Arrangement and movement of cameras 22death.

Hall, where car was, but now no car. QT sits on floor, M5 stands near. Shot. Head of M5 flies to bits and M5 falls on wall (G.N0*). QT stands up, extracts pistol, turns into all side, later hides into one of tunnels and looks from darkness. Four angels appear. Two bends bows and look at sides. Two fly to M5. Later all four lift body of M5 and fly into tunnel. QT goes out from darkness, approaches to angels behind, hurls hand into darkness of tunnel, where angels fly and reachs quiver with arrows. Face of angel appears from darkness, QT beats into this face and runs into other tunnel. Angels fly for QT.


QT runs through other hall (It has three or more exits), later he runs into hall, where mother, father and child dance around New Year's fir-tree (Christmas tree) and music "Jingle Bells". QT grips tree and throws into tunnel, later he grips people and shovs also into tunnel. Later QT goes to tunnel, where angels flies and shoots some times, runs into opposite exit.


QT enters (G.N0* C3) into hall with low ceiling. Hole with water is in middle of hall on ceiling (G.-45 C2). QT looks into hole and waits angels (M.N0* C3). They fly into hall, QT squats and jumps into the hole (G.S0*--45* C2), flies (swims) and falls into other hall (C1 C4). He stands and looks upwards (C1 C4). Angels on opposite side of water look on QT (G.N C1). QT puts out one's tongue (C.N-90* C1). Angels also (G.N-90* C1).

M8: In vain. Now they hurl something.

M8 turns and leaves into tunnel. QT looks now on tunnel, now on hole, later sits down on floor near tunnel. He extracts arrow and cuts up three parts. He sculpturs bullets from those parts as from plasticine. Suddenly from tunnel appears two hands with pistol. QT stands up and nestles up wall. Pistol goes in right, later in left and
ELR (Lisa Rinna, woman with belt on eyes, as SP have on mouth)
goes into hall.

Title: Liza Rinna

QT aims into hands of ELR.

QT: Hi!

ELR turns on voice, QT stoops, ELR turns on voice, QT again, ELR again, QT again and shoots into hands. Pistol of ELR drops out hands. ELR falls on knees and with open mouth creeps on floor in search of pistol.

F8: Father's slit of eyes.
QT: But other slit is mother's really.

ELR lifts pistol and turns to QT, but QT shoots into groin of ELR.

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