Episode 20.

Hall of rivers (G.). Here P and Ss. Huge quantity of angels between Acheron and Styx. Hs appear. At once SP and three Ss run to Styx (C1 C2). QT, KST, P and few Ss remain on place. SP and Ss approache to Styx and quiet enter in water (F.S.0* C5) and under water (M.C.20* C2). QT, KST, P and Ss sit near wall (G.N0* C5) and aim (G.W0* C1) out sniper rifle into dogs on bank of Styx and Acheron. SP swims under opposite bank and looks through surface of water upwards.
Arrangement and movement of cameras
P: How pleasantly - unbelievably. Sit for hours and need not eat, urinate.
QT: Did not boast?

Camera may make survey of bridges (Before each table with name of river, urn stands before bridge through Styx, everybody who goes near spits out coin, people drink after bridge through Leta). KST hangs head-phones with neck on ears. Raft appears (F.NO10* C3). Silence (No music).

P: Alea jacta est!

S4 jumps out water, grips one angels and tightens under water (F.W-10* C2 C3). At once all angels fly on this place (F.W-10* C2). SP stands up and shoots out grenade cup discharge into this heap of angels (M.W15* C3), angel is behind SP, wave beats angel, he flies out behind. Explosion (F.-15* C2). QT, KST, P and Ss shoot into dogs and run to Acheron. SP and Ss and jump out water and run to raft. S5 throws back by explosion. SP and S5 (C2 C3 C5) arrive on moorage and jump on raft. SP falls on raft and turns. Raft is empty, S5 flounders in water, others approache to Acheron. Raft moves off from the shore and not to stop.

QT: Send letter when reached.

Shore gradually moves off and hides into darkness.

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