Episode 15.

Waiting room. Nobody trouble. Instead mirror wall is large hole (G.0* C1-C2), through the hole can see canyon and railway bridge (G.-45* C2). Huge quantity of angels is near the hole. KST approaches to AR (M.S0* C3).
Arrangement and movement of cameras
KST: What at You here? Cinema?
AR: We wait freight.
KST: Freight train? Can escape through this hole?

AR grins and turns to the hole. KST also looks on bridge. Hooter of train.

KST: What? Passenger? You know and don't undertake anything?
AR: Undertake anything is No, but to take things is Yes!
KST: For what do You stand here?

M4 stands up and runs through whole room into the hole.

AR: I'm only matron, janitor, porter. (M.S10* C3)

AR extracts pistol and shoots into back of M4 (M.NW10* C5), whom already jumps into the hole (G.S10* C5), M4 falls. Train reachs bridge (G.45* C2). Bridge breaks and train falls downwards (F.45* C2). Angels fly to train and transport people into the room (G. C2-C1), where AR at once gives questionnaires. People don't understand, group, whisper. QT and SP also go to AR.

QT: For what this questionnaires?
AR: Want to fill in?
KST: Coolly joked.
QT: Think You are Jerry Lewis? (M.N0* C4-C5)
KST: What questions there?
AR: There one question.
QT: One?
KST: One?
Pink: I hope question is rhetorical?
Title: Pink-actor
QT: Rhetorical is he only! (M.N0* C5)

QT claps SP on shoulder. Pink turns to SP and sometimes looks on SP (M.N10* C3). KST stands behind pink and M5 stands behind KST.

Pink: O! Enticing braces.

SP extracts pistol, KST stoops head and SP shoots into head of pink (M.N-O0* C5). Blood splashs into face of M5.

M5: Jokes so as Germans have it!

People become silent. Suddenly

Title: K-actor

K (heery messenger with big bag)
disturbs silence (F.N0* C3).

K: Here what, did somebody die?
AR: Think You are Jerry Lewis? (M.W10* C3)

Situation renewes. K takes out bag some papers and gives up AR (M.N0* C4-C5). AR looks into papers.

AR: What news?
K: What it, Yours probationers?
AR: Plus-minus.
K: Plus-minus three?
K laughs.
K: Grandma, don't smoke here.

Title: GM-actress

GM: Do You care for my health or Yours? Enjoy by life, young man.
K: Grandma, suffice to live, give others!
GM: I impede nobody. Doctors had give me yet half year. I only begin to live.

GM (60-70 years)
turns to KST and takes one strawberry from her plate.

GM: Yummy!
AR: Heat!

AR unfastens jacket, under it is T-shirt with inscription "Nomo nominee lupus est".

KST: It's cool. Change?

KST unfastens jacket, T-shirt with inscription "Errare hourmandum est". KST and AR undress jackets and T-shirts and change.

GM: So is it not WC?

GM approaches to right door and glances inside.

GM: Oops.
K: Do You want there, then forever?

GM shows on left door.

AR: And will be busy that only Yours soul wishs.
KST: Sex?
AR: It does not threaten to You.

People enter into right and left doors. And whilst AR turns, Hs also enter into right door.

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