Episode 14.


Hall (G.S-W-N-O0*), where Hs have fallen in police car. But car already not on wall, it stands. Em (Head ties up everywhere by insulating tape) near car (F.W0*). QT stands between W-tunnel and N-tunnel.

QT: Needn't touch our car by sweaty hands.
Em: But it's my car.
QT: Without difference, car loves cleanness.
Em: What?
QT: Does the head not ill (Have You headache)?
Em: Listen, who are You such, generally?

SP goes into hall from N-tunnel (G.) and at once shoots into Em (M.0*).

QT: Write!

SP approaches to car and writes on dust "Deja V". Sound (It's angels).


Hs run into S-tunnel, hear there terrible bellow. Hs stop and watchfully look into darkness (C.N0* of each). Bellow sounds again, but nearer. Hs turn and as crazy runs back (F.S0*), run into hall, look on N-tunnel, but runs into O-tunnel. Bellow continues to chasing. QT stumbles and falls. SP and KST lift QT and they run to gleam, which appeared and approaches. They run into gleam and it closes (F.S10*).

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