Episode 13.

Hall, which can name by shop. Counters, show-windows. All in modern style. Many people. KST (With plate of soup) with indifferent face stands (M.S5*) near show-window with TV sets (On TV set shown films "Angels and insects", "Body and soul" and "From dusk till dawn"). SP looks on show-window with woman underclothes (Brassieres and others), he lifts head upwards, over show-window is signboard "Paradise for fetishists". QT (In raincoat, hat and with beer) approaches to KST (M.S-WS5*) and gives pizza (Or other). They stand near TV sets.

KST: Why you drink?
QT: Why You eat?
KST: Because I don't grow fat.
QT: And we don't grow fat.
KST: But I love you. Only you, two men for me, whom for me, whom do my life, if can express so, more than less, naturally, you are big, even huge bad and if we sometime shall find something, then I shall cry, because I'm stupid.
QT: In vain, though thank. Apropos, probably we also love You!
KST: Simply, you more have to love nobody.
QT: Again this word.

QT turns head backwards and back (C.S0*). A pair of second and QT turns again and beats into camera. On floor Y (Only he is man and not very pretty, to know: impossible), around Hs (SP also in raincoat, hat and with beer), they aims pistols into Y.

M3: Please, don't shoot here.

M3 dresses warm head-phones. Hs stoop to Y and fire point-blank into stomach. Y sits up, takes up stomach and weeps. SP takes off belt key, opens handcuffs and puts hand of Y near Y. M3 undresses head-phones, KST takes it from M3.

M3: It is to You!

P appears. He takes head-phones and shoots into Y. Y disappears on floor. M3 extracts yet three head-phones and gives to Hs, they dress it on necks.

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