Episode 12.

Again black screen (No music). Camera slowly goes on gleam, but it's not eyes of M1.

Voice of KST: It is shown at first slightly, rises so slowly, but already extraordinary red, it is simply beauty. And here it lasts, lasts and ascends and everything is filled in by a paint. At once millions small photons cut into staying dew-drops and those blow up from this multi-measured of an electrical pulse. And everything becomes covered shine. Eyes blinds. Flowers begin to open. There is one more doze of energy, which even eclipses the sun. Light, colour. Sensation of eternal sweetness. Not sticky, and tender. And from it becomes yet heater and petals begin to be curved and fall. Photons ruthlessly continue hollow a grass, but the dew already is not present and it in an instant burns down, remains only skeleton, which breaks and only ashed. The energy begins to get back, the flows mix up and there is the huge difference of pressure and air is soaked up in anything and disappears. Calm (windless), the dust hangs in air, the ground bursts. And then begins to seethe. As waves. Do You think? No. If to stand on a surface, not fall through, as on attraction. It's terribly, but everything occurs on algorithm. And here small parts of ground overheat and begin to blow up. Huge holes, again difference of pressure will be formed, the dust is had in the disorder, but sun goes.

Camera goes out tunnel into huge hall (Some plank beds are on walls, tracks of bonfire, some things are scattered on floor). SP (Near wall) and KST (Dully looks into one point) on one of plank beds by back to each otner (G.-5*).

KST: Becomes darkly and coldly. The whirlwinds aggravate a cold and burnish a surface, which by a half-night turns in cryogenicconductor. But it nothing to cryogenicconduct, dead empire. Mad cold, absolute darkness, not any there relative, and absolute and not one sound. A huge pressure. And here first photon. Is not present not yet dawn, up to dawn of hour two - three. First photon, flied almost with that party of ground, any unintelligible image reflected through lithosphere, thicket of clouds and fall on it is this surface. As detonator, as the catalyst. Explosion, everything simply scatters, overexpenditure of energy, the multicentury ice thaws in seconds. Fine particles, which soar hover in air, roofing felts neutrons, roofing felts neurons. A clot of quantums, give back, accept, give back. Aureola, rainbow, ring of Newton. It warms up ground and begins to give back it energy. Aureola gradually settles, and under it is flowers, not yet dismissed, but already getting stronger. And here occurs the sun. It is shown at first slightly, rises so slowly, but already extraordinary red Apropos, my father spoke me always, that charges of the same name are drawn. I think he was right.

KST pushs SP by back into back (F.0* C1 F.30*). SP doesn't react (C.30*). KST sits up. SP turns by face upwards. They sit (20-30 second without music in full quiet). KST turns to SP. She careses hair of SP by left hand, later passes over forehead by forefinger (C.W10*), later over nose and picks into nose. SP doesn't react (M.0*). KST undress belt from mouth of SP. No mouth (C.N80*), i.e. no lips and teeth (C.W0*), such sensation that all shoot off (To end of film this sensation will prove). KST sits on SP and stoops to SP in order to kiss (C.W10*) and clambers by left hand into jeans of SP. SP clambers by right hand to bosom and suddenly takes out bosom of KST her revolver and throws up. At this time KST takes out jeans of SP his pistol and throws up. SP catchs pistol in air by left hand, KST catchs revolver in air by right hand and they shoot into C1 (M.0*). Thunder of fall (Only sound, something or somebody falls out screen).

T: In this hall once many people was.

Title: T-actor

QT: It's interesting, have they hidden treasures here before death?
T: Here very many people can be, and angels don't fly.

Hall fills (G.) by people (100-200 men). People sit down, put self things (SPY is somewhere on background). SP and KST approache to QT and
T (Small stoutish man).

QT: There isn't a force?
T: Money! I fan of money. I ready to die for money. I shall kill any angel, whom take from me even if one cent.
KST: Obol.
T: Put into Yours this coin.
KST: What? What? Yours, what Yours. Month, so say Month. m-m-m, so say m-m-m.

M2 (Man in black stocking on head and with submachine gun into hand) jumps out wall.

M2: I already said it's robbing.

Nobody pay attention on M2. M2 lowers submachine gun, he is in confusion. Now some men and women group, some go out.

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