Episode 11.

Screen is black.


Gleam slowly appears on dark screen from right side (Camera in right). Thunder. Legs appears against a background this gleam (M.S-5*).


Now camera is eyes of KST. KST tshiftes one's gaze from gleam into M1 (C.N0*). They run on tunnel to legs, KST looks back sometims. Behind rustle of chase. Suddenly tunnel bifurcates in two narrow. KST runs on right side, therefore runs into right tunnel.


KST and M1 run into different side (G.S5*). KST runs yet some (M.S10*) and stops (M.S10* C.N0*). Camera elapses past and turns at 180*. KST turns, they more doesn't hear chase. (Also possibly to tell she doesn't hear chase and in front).


M1 already gasps, rustle nearer and nearer. M1 runs into hall, in which archers (20-30 men) build in two ranks across hall (G.N10*). M1 (G.O20*) brakes, but slips, legs ride forward and M1 falls on back (G.N80*-30*). Angels (40-60 angels) fly into hall and build by wall (10x5) in air (G.N20* - O-10* - W-10*). Archars (F.N15*) and angels (F.N-15*) bend bows and shoot into each others. Arrows flies over head of M1 (G.-90*). Some injured on both sides, mess begins, M1 grips any bow and quiver and, being shot, creeps to one of exits.

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