Episode 10.

Waiting room or reception (Two walls in white tablets, one represents mirror, cliff instead of fourth. There is table near one of white walls: inscription "Administrator", computer, heap of paper (It's questionnaires). There are doors in both side from table. Left door has inscription " Vitia erunt, donec homines", right has "Omnes eodem cogimur").
Arrangement and movement of cameras
Title: Alan Rachins

AR (Alan Rachins, official clothes)
stands behind table, he issues questionnaires. Few people into waiting room, they fill up questionnaires. Silence. KST stands by face to wall between table and left door and leans by hands in wall (F.S-O0* C1), as search (Though in given time it and is search). A pair of angels (Usual white angels as if are made of marble, by the size of baby, with wings, bows and arrows) search KST. Suddenly passage in cliff opens.

Titile: N-actor

N (Man in uniform with submachine gun)
runs out and few angels fly for N (G.NW10* C6-C3). N runs through waiting room, but arrow hits into back of N (G.NW-SW C3), N falls on wall and slides down (G.SW10* C3 F.SW20*C6), submachine gun falls out hands (F.SW30* C4). KST uses case, turnes (M.N0* C3) and beates one of angels into face (F.N-10* C2), turnes again and beates by right leg (I don't remember how name of this strike) second (M.S0* C2). KST runs and jumps in the hole (G.W0* C4), but hole closes. Angels begin to shoot out bows in KST (G.N-30* C5). KST is somersault, takes revolver out one's bosom and aims in angels (F.N30* C6). Angels close heads by hands (G.N-30* C5) and drop bows. KST shifts revolver into right hand (C7), goes to AR (C6 C5) and aims into head (M.0* C4 C5). AR isn't astonished.

AR: Do You want to kill me?

Passage in cliff opens again. KST jumps forward by legs (G.O0* C6), but suddenly M1 (15-20 years) also jumps into the hole. They stick (G.0* C7). Angels grip bows (G.N30* C5). M1 extracts balloon and sprinkles out it into angels (G.N0* C6). KST and M1 turn by side and vanish.

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