Episode 9.

Tunnel. P and Hs (Here: without KST) go some steps and stop (M.S0*). They turn, and behind only tunnel, there isn't door. SP slowly goes to the place where door was (M.S0*). P and QT approache and touch air on places of ex-door (M.N0*).

QT: I go into this side.

QT turns to SP and shows to side of SP. SP returns and looks through P and QT.

QT to SP: Well! Go!

SP doesn't react and look through P and QT (C.N0*). QT becomes serious (C.N0*). He very slowly turns the head (C.N0*-M.S0*). Later and P turns the head (M.S0*). Pause. They slowly begin to extract pistols. Camera at 180*. It's Arachna (Woman, but arms instead of legs, big hair is tousled). Arachna goes on Hs and P, has hooked by hands (Upper and lower) in walls (G.N-10*). QT and P aim pistols in Arachna (M.N0*). Camera as eyes of Arachna moves off and screen begin to dark.

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