Episode 8.

Hall of rivers (G. no). It's huge hall. Ceiling hide highly in the darkness, four small and straight rivers without a current recede into cliffs at both sides of hall. The biggest and the deepest river reachs so widely that opposite bank isn't visible. Bridges across small rivers. Men go through those bridges. Hs (Here: SP & QT with body of KST), P and few Ss enter into hall (G.N10* C1). They run to the remotest river (G.S0* C1). Men, whom go through bridges (G.O-10* C2), look in wide-eyed astonishment. Later yet few Bs run into hall (G.N10* C1), they hunt for Hs, P and others Ss. Skirmish (C1 C2 C3). Hs run already on third river (M.S-10* C2), and P on second (M.N0* C2).
Arrangement and movement of cameras
P: Only don't stop!
S2: What?

S2 (25-30 years, runs in advance of P and don't hears words of P) stops (F.N-O0* C2), and flashs up. P elapses past and on bank. Near bank S3 (25-30 years, hasn't understood what happened behind) stops (F.N0* C2), P grips S3 (F.-M.0* C2-C3), in order to take out river, but S3 flashs up and hand of P in fire (M.O0* C3). P throws hand of S3 on bank and jumps off (F.N0* C3). P and Hs meet after third river. Hs sit and look to advance. Fourth river is marshy. Hs squat into darkness and they hear splash of water because of feet. P sharply stands up, turns at 90* (F.N0* C9-C7-C8) and aims the pistol in running Bs (F.N0* C8). Bs (three) stops (G.N0* C7) and freeze in clods of ice (F.of clods0*-M.of P0* C7).

P: Per aspera ad astra, baby! (M.O-N0* C7-C8)

P and Hs shoot (F.N0* C8) in this clods (C8-C7-C9) and clods fly to bits (G.N0* C9), quiet, steps on water moves off. Last bank teems by dogs. Hs and P shoots in those dogs (C4 C5 C6 C9). Hs puts body of KST on bank near wide river and begin to wash body (F.W10* C4). Ss (S1 & S4) undresse (G.W0* C4 S0* C5). Raft (Possibly: submarine) swims out darkness. It's full of people (G.N0* C5). In the same time all (Hs & Ss & P) begin to hear known sound from above, sound fast becomes stronger. Ralf turnes. P shakes one's head. P and QT shoot upwards, Ss and SP in raft (C4 C5 C6). S1 extracts grenade cup discharge and shoots in raft (M.N0* C6). Small cannon appears on raft (M.N0* C5) and shoots towards. Grenades collide (C.of place of collision) and explode. Huge mass of fire approximate to bank (G.N0* C5). People in panic run (C3 C5 C6). SP and QT dully look against each other (C.N0*). Suddenly somebody approaches to Hs and sticks in shoulders small white arrows (M.N0* C6). Hs turn (G.N0* C6). It's P. QT and SP submit, but look back (M.N0* S0* C5 C6). Behind running peolple (G.0* C5). Wave of fire attacks Hs and P and elapses past (G.W0* C4). They look back and see frames of charous bridges and nobody (G. C5). P shoots into darkness out signal pistol, but there only boundless water expanses (G.0* C5). And suddenly again dogs.

QT: Here has door.

P and Hs run to left wall (F.0* C4), being shot from dogs. They (Not dogs, naturally) run up to door and try to open, but no (F.S0* C4). Though why no, can and yes.

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