Episode 7.


SP goes out tunnel into hall with two entrances (Picture on right wall). Behind SPY. SP looks back. SPY turns to pictures (Or telephone), later looks on SP and smiles. They embrace (Voices are somewhere far). SPY extracts pistol and gives SP. SP extracts such pistol and takes both. SPY pulls hair of SP.

SPY: Give I comb hair. Do You see father? And she?

He goes into following hall (Between those hall isn't tunnel). There is in one of halls a hole in the middle. Below (G.90*) KST,

P (Also Dana Eskelson, but man is 35-45 years old, strong figure, but not athlete),

Em (Man)

Title: Em-actor

and few Ss (Men). Everybody with pistols.


SP jumps downwards, falls, grippes a pistol from floor, stands up (F.-G.70*) and aims by three pistols (Two in left hand, one in right) in Em. Em grips KST (G.N0*) and at first sets one pistol to right temple of KST, by other aims on all, later is change hands: one pistol to left temple of KST and by other on all. KST yawns widely. SP shoots from three pistols. Bullets fly in camera (G.N0*), later camera leaves from them way (G.N-NO-O0*), some time goes parallel with bullets (G.SO0*), and again is stand on them way (G.S0*), in order to see to the aim. KST begins to turn head, bullets hit in left side of forehead, fly out and tear head of Em (F.W0*). KST and Em fall. SP slowly goes to body of KST. From one of tunnels sound approximates. P shakes one's head. Few men, women, children and QT run during hall. QT and SP lift body of KST.

P: Presto!
QT: Are You singer?
P: Yes! Hear! My muses fly.

QT and P approache to tunnel, from which sound, extract pistols and shoot, later turn: hall is empty and they run into opposite tunnels.

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