Episode 6.

Black screen. Camera drives out from darkness. Cave (Lightly, but there isn't light sources) with four tunnels (N,W,S,O).

Arrangement and movement of cameras 6begin.

Title: Anna Paquin

SPY (Anna Paquin, girl into costume (trousers and jacket), collar stands, hat, maybe also black eyeglasses and newspaper)
hides into N-tunnel. From above sand begins to pour (between N&O-tunnels), at first bumper (back of car) appears, later back wheels. It's police car. It half climbing out and drops downwards and stands at an angle of 45* (G.O-10*).


Doors from right side open (F.S-N-45*) and Hs climb out car (G.W-N0*). Hs view all around intently (G.S0*). It's small hall or grotto with uneven ceilings and walls, but then with good burnish dusty floors, out which have four dark exits or entrances. In cave tunnel also is lightly and also there isn't light sources. Height is hardly more man (In halls more in two times). Possible on background table "Dead nigger storage".

KST: Maybe, Saint Jenovie des Bua! (Excuse my French)
QT: No! It's the cemetery such! You yet blurt out: Dante Aligiery!
KST: What it is? Mountain?

QT shows by finger on SP (SP already doesn't limp).

QT: It's mountain of brain, which would like to prove useful now.
KST: So Aligiery are library! I thought it's yet one cemetery. Though for me it's similar.
QT: Comedy. Finita la! As Frenchmen speak.
QT to SP: I know that Italians!
KST: What for need You this word?
QT: For crossword.

Cyclist rides through hall. Hs leave into different tunnels.

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