Episode 3.

Actions in this episode deploy very fast, new heroes appear suddenly, but they move very slowly and lazly.


Bar without windows (Music like song "Summertime" of Billy Stewart, but not "Summertime" of Billy Stewart). QT (In hat) sits at table 3 (G.N10* C1-C2) and drinks beer (Maybe and not beer). Around Fs (Visitors). QT brings mug of beer to lips (M.N15* C2).

Y (disdainfully): Tourists to the left.

Title: Dana Eskelson

Y (Dana Eskelson, pretty woman in police uniform, 25-30 years, handcuffs on right hand, bunch of keys in one's belt, inscriptions on fingers, on right - "CCC", on left - "LXV").

QT undresses hat, lifts eyes and looks longly on Y. QT tires to look and begins to close eyes slowly, but suddenly eyes open wide (C2 at 180*), SP enters into bar (G.N0* C1) and goes to counter of bar (C2-C3). Y turns to go to SP (M.N15* C4-C5).
Arrangement and movement of cameras
Y to QT: Tourists to the left.
QT silents.
Y: Or maybe are You cop?
QT: I'm pope.
Y to SP: Tourists to the left.
SP silents.
Y: Why is silent?
QT: He has stomachache.
Y: Gastritis?
QT: Self You are gastritis, am speak he has stomachache. Did I talk word "gastritis" or maybe I speak Russian?

SP (M.N5* C3-C7) turns to Y (M.N5* C4-C10).

Y: O! He nauseates. (M.N5* C5)
Laugh in bar.
Y: Not be angry, expectorate me into face or kiss me. (M.N5* C5)
Again laugh in bar.

Y fastens handcuffs on left hand of SP and lifts the head to SP. F1 (Man with pistol on finger of right hand in barrel) appears from left.

F1: Fool jokes! How I will be live?
F1 to SP: Cool braces!

SP (M.NW20* C8) takes for pistol of F1 and shoots (M.5* C6). Later he shoots into head of Y, turns pistol in hand and shoots behind into barman. Y falls (C7).

F1: He had shot off me finger! He had shot off me finger! How I will be live?

QT (M.N0* C3) calmly drinks and observes for actions. Fs also calmly contins to busy private affairs (G.30* & stop on table 1). Legs (C.N-5*--45* C8). It's

Title: Josie Bisset

EJB (Josie Bisset, girl stands on table 1, monotonous clothes, legs is naked, right leg ties up by insulating tape).

EJB steadfastly looks on SP (F.N-10* C8) and aims out arbalest. SP noticeses it (F.N10* C8) and goes (F.S45* C6) to EJB, but behind is dragged body of Y, whom fastens by handcuffs to SP (F.N-10* C8). SP turns head, lifts body, at once F1 appears with sabre (Big knife) and lifts one's arm on SP, SP turns and puts body of Y, after it hand comes off and remains to hang on handcuffs. SP looks on EJB and shoots into F1.

QT: Good cop is armless cop.
EJB: You! "Cool" on letter "F".

SP (F.N30* C8) lifts the hand to X, but handcuffs catchs for something.

EJB: Vae soli!

EJB pulls the trigger. Arrow flyes (C8 at 180*) and hits in knee of left leg of SP, SP capsizes (F.N20* C8) in air through left shoulder (G.0* C2), slides on counter and falls on a floor near a door to legs of QT (C.N0* C1 C.SW0* C2). QT grippes SP and pushs out the bar (G.).

F2: Take away legs!
QT: We will return for whole body.


SP falls flat on one's back near threshold (G.30*-0*-10*).

QT: You look, do not die!

QT leaves (F.S-10*). SP creepes up to threshold, takes sawn-off gun from under threshold, re-charges it, stands up and, limps, goes to the entrance.


SP bursts into bar, dropps (G.S0* C9) on the table 2, by covering the gun by the body (G.N5* C5).

EJB: Quia, cum ceciderit, non habet sublevantem se!

EJB, as in former times, stands on the table 1 (F.N-10* C8). Again laugh in bar. SP (M.N-O15* C8) stands up, straightens right arm with gun and shoots. Bullet (Probably, explosive) hits in top part of left leg of EJB, leg comes off, EJB (F.N-5* C8) falls. Fs jump, but QT runs into the bar (M.S0* C9) with the pistol, pushs SP out the bar and shoots in all sides.


Hs run out from the bar, unexpectedly police car approaches (By right side to the bar). It is KST. Hs sit into car (QT in first door, SP in second door).

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