Episode 2.

Narrow between barkhans (No music). Something wallow on sand (M.N.70*) and hide under it. Wheels of police car (M.0* C1) half hide in sand. Can see how they leave deeper and deeper, KST appears in the distance, whom goes on camera (G.N-5* C1-C2), approachs to car (G.15* C2 C3), outflanks (G.N-S C2) right (Left on motion of car), opens trunk (F.S15* C4), extracts grenade cup discharge (C.70*), goes in front of car (G.-5* C2 C5), stands and shoots under car (F.S5* S5). Explosion. Blast throws up car and stands on sand. KST goes (G.N30*-0* C4) with right side (Opposite from place of driver), sits down (F.0* C3) and starts motor. Back motion (G.-C.S-5*--80* C4). KST leaves on camera.
Arrangement and movement of cameras

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