Episode 1.

A desert. (The sun in zenith always).
KST (Kristin Scott Thomas is barefoot, in light costume (trousers and jacket), black badge with inscription "AMORS" ("A"&"S" are red, "MOR" is white), is behind on left shoulder, bandages on endes of fingers, plait till shoulders, loves long to gaze into one point, continually eats something, it's pizza or sandwich or simply plate with salad. Apropos, Kristin Scott Thomas is beautiful in this role also because she is dramatic actress, but not actress of film of genre "action".)
stops and reflects (M.N0* C3), hardly by blinking eyes and by turning the head to right (60-70*), as though lists to something behind, extracts revolver, white bullet, sets, looks on it and turns at 180*.

Title: Kristin Scott Thomas

KST (M.N0* C6) goes on camera.

QT (Quentin Tarantino is in black boots, in black trousers, in black jacket or T-shirt with inscription "The I" is behind)
with a pistol in a right hand turns (M.N0* C2) at 180*.

Title: Quentin Tarantino

QT (M.N0* C5) goes on camera.

Arrangement and movement of cameras SP (Serg Pageen is barefoot, in jeans, in green T-shirt with two wide red strips as braces, photo of Serg Pageen with inscription "I'm cooler than John McClane" on front side of T-shirt, photo of Bruce Willis with inscription "Die Hard L.L." on back side of T-shirt, the mouth is fastened by a belt, clumsy step, sometimes scratchs neck or lower)
stops and reflects (M.N0* C1), extracts pistol, looks on it, takes out pocket white bullet, sets bullet and turns at 180*.

Title: Serg Pageen

SP (M.N0* C4) goes on camera.

They go down in small cavity from three sides (G.45* C1-C2). It's our Hs.

Title: film

Hs (F.80* C7-C6) meet, look on each other (M.N0*) and shoot in sand. Three streams of blood splash out sand (C.of point of hit 80* C7), which change in green inscription:

Hs turn and go away backwards (G.45*-30* C5-C8).

Title: Starring Jodie Foster. Administrator Alan Rachins. Also
(Others titles must appear with heroes together)

QT (G.S-5* C5) moves off. SP (G.W60* C1) goes over barkhan.

Place, which had just now impetuous actions, becomes empty and only wind (If who don't understand - wind blowe).

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