Story of creation.

April 1997. After "From Dusk Till Dawn" Quentin Tarantino become my muse. Kristin Scott Thomas say "GoodBye my Oscar". Jodie Foster? I want to marry on she and to have children from she. She make it in next year without I. I think up this story and write the script.
I am in correspondence with Michael Bodnarchek from A Band Apart and send the script as "About". Michael didn't answer me so far.
May 1998. I read very strange article in one magazine: Emma Thompson refuses from episodic role of God in "Dogma". What Emma Thompson? This role for Jodie Foster. I begin to be interested "Dogma" and Kevin Smith. I read on IMDB: Dogma tells the story of a woman who is picked by two renegade angels to save humanity. My leading heroes are also two man and one woman. Hero of Kevin Smith is Silent Bob. I also have written for me role without words, so as You already sees my English. But later I get to know Kevin Smith has written "Dogma" in 1994 year. Many coincidences worries me.
Spring 1999. I download script "Dogma" from Internet. Yes! It's not my script.
26 Febral 2000. I go to see "Dogma". Fucking Kevin Smith. This is my titles. And main, and end.
I am grateful to destiny now I know Kevin Smith, Alanis Morissette, Jason Lee.

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